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Use Prime ZM Fintech to train and integrate state of the art machine learning into your application. Our ML platform can be used by anyone and it only takes minutes to train your first model. Once created, your functions can be invoked in real-time using our API. Artificial intelligence or AI technologies are integrating and stepping into the world of financial services because of their exquisite performance of specific tasks compared to human beings, especially when raw unstructured data is involved. The financial services industry is cautiously employing AI and its segments, from statistical methods to computational intelligence. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI is the most widely attributed to the financial services needs as it digests data and automates the learning applied to specific financial tasks. Financial analytics, market valuation with investment strategies prediction, fraud detection, cyber risks for corporate finance, robo-advisors for personalized wealth management, targeted on-demand insurance quotations, credit scoring, consumer behavior forecasts, task automation, and corporate performance management are many things that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially contribute to through improved productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experiences that all deliver exquisitely tailored services and help to make informed marketing decisions.

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